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Our science curriculum provides a foundation upon which our understanding of the world is built and the disciplines of biology, physics and chemistry are taught throughout our school. Our Science curriculum is delivered in two main ways:

Through the use of our curriculum tool of 'love to investigate' (part of our cornerstone curriculum). The scheme allows pupils to study a wide variety of investigations from ‘Where do squirrels keep their nuts?’ to ‘How do arrows fly? Throughout these investigations children are encouraged to plan and carry out their own scientific methods routed in practical activities in very much a 'hands on' approach. Alongside this the use of our Thinking, Talking and Doing science scheme allows children to be engaged in scientific theories, giving them an opportunity to question and explore their initial ideas before creating a prediction and complete scientific investigations.

Have A look at the link below to find out a little bit more about the ‘love to investigate’ scheme that we use.