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Curriculum evening 

Please have a look at our curriculum evening slides for any information about the coming school year and life in the squirrels classroom.

Roadtrip USA

Buckle up and put your sunglasses on!

This half term we’re going on a road trip across the USA! We’ll start by ‘visiting’ the states where Native American tribes settled. We’ll use travel brochures and the internet to research New York and write postcards to family members. Using maps, we’ll locate the USA and find the names of the states. We’ll look at the amazing lights of Times Square, make circuits and create a program for a tourist trip around New York. The story, The Indian in the Cupboard, will inspire us to write our own Dilemma based story. After learning about their cultural significance, we’ll weave beautiful native amreican pouches. Looking at aerial views of natural landmarks, we’ll think about how they might have been formed. We’ll create travel brochures and make illuminated models of different landmarks. Then we’ll cook delicious dishes – would anyone like a corn dog? At the end of the project, we’ll make a ‘journey stick’ so we can remember where we have visited. We’ll use this to explain our learning journey.

The USA is an incredible place, with a varied landscape and culture. Why not choose a state to research together and create a scrapbook of exciting locations? You could also make a playlist of American songs from different genres that you could listen to on your road trip. Alternatively, visit the supermarket together to see if you can identify any foods associated with the USA. You might even try some of them!

Super 6 spellings 

Each week we will have a set of 6 super spellings to remind and rejog our memories of the year 3/4 spelling words we have already learnt. This WILL NOT be tested or assessed at the end of the week in anyway, but just used as a way to remind and give the children an extra chance to recap the year 3/4 spelling words we have worked through.


Be prepared for a wild adventure this half term in the squirrels as we embark on a voyage of discovery to learn about lots of different predators. We will be focusing on the features they have, where they live and how they surive and thrive. Creating and making our own biomes, designing our own Thierry Poncelt art work and most importantly writing our own science fiction novel! Take a look at our learning menu to see all the exciting things that we will be doing during this learning journey. Alongside all the exciting learning we will be doing at school the offical count down has now begun to our end of term residential trip. Please have a look at the PDF to find out any extra or additional information. As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to come in and see me. All the best. Mr T :) 

Traders and Raiders 

LET BATTLE COMMENCE! This half term the squirrels will be exploring all things Saxon and Viking. We will be designing and making our our Saxon village, Viking shields and solving the ancient mystery of Sutton Hoo. We will also be developing our understanding of mapping using a key to show different landscapes and symbols for different features of the land. Alongside this we will be using our knowledge of the Vikings and Saxons to write our own legends and even have a look at the legend of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone. Our learning will also take us on an adventure to Conkers where we will be taking part in a Viking themed activity day so please watch this space for some photos of all the fun we had.

As always if you have any questions about anything in school then please do not hestitate to pop in and see me.

Mr T :D 


This half term our learning will take a focus on Potions. We will be learning about lots of different historical potions, making our own medival potion for curing eye styes and looking at ancient herbal potions, creating our own herbal teas. Our guided reading will take a bit of a spooky focus we will be reading 'the Creakers' by Tom Fletcher. Also don't forget that our class worship is on Tuesday 6th of February starting at 9:00am the Squirrels and myself cannot wait to see you all there.

As always if you have any problems please do not hesitate to come and see me.


During our learning theme of Scrumdiddlyumptious the squirrels explored lots of different things all about food. We investigated which citrus fruit had the most vitamin C in and which would be the best to use to help cure scurvy. We learned about food miles and where our food comes from and how it arrives in the U.K. We even (this was Mr T's favourite part) made our own trifle. have a look at some of our scurvy investigations below:





Welcome Back 

I am so excited to be welcoming back the Squirrels! Our learning this year will consist of Scrumdiliumpious, Potions, Invaders and Traders, Predators and Road-trip USA! We will be kicking the year off with our mysterious topic of Gods and Mortals, so watch this space. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to see me at the beginning of the day or drop the office an email. There is lots of adventures and exciting things planned for this year so hold on to your hats!! 

Key Dates 

P.E. - Our P.E. Slot is on a Monday afternoon so please make sure that you have your kit ready for action

Swimming - Swimming is on a Thursday afternoon so make sure you are ready for a 'splashing' time

Forest School  - Forest School starts on 26th September and happens every other week


Please see details of our learning journey below:

Key Websites and Apps

Maths Rox

this is a great app to use while completing your multiplication and division facts 

Maths Websites

Spelling apps 

Phonics genius is a great app to use at home to help embed children's understanding of spelling rules and common word spellings. Alongside this please have a look at the websites below:

SPaG websites 

Here are some great Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) websites:



Here are some handy little web links to continue your learning around investigating and sceince: 

Learning Journey

Please use the websites below to help in your understanding within Geography and History:


Have a look at some of these websites below to develop your knowledge and uunderstanding of R.E. Short videos which focus on Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism Key information about Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism Key information about Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism Mainly Christian based videos and information. Please select the  K S 2 option. Mainly Christian, Buddhist and Hindu games and videos.