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Welcome to the Squirrles class page, please take a look at the awesome learning we are doing and exciting things have planned.

Heroes and Villains 

There are so many heroes and villains in the world – who would you like to know more about? Is it someone from the past or the present? Is your hero a famous person or someone you know, like a nurse or a firefighter?

This half term, we’ll meet Cruella de Vil to interrogate her about her wicked plans. By reading parts of 101 Dalmatians, we’ll learn all about Cruella’s character. Then, we’ll learn the song Cruella de Vil, make a Cruella sock puppet, models of Dalmatian dogs and a flipbook animation of the story. When we’re listening to film music, we’ll consider how sounds are used to make characters appear more villainous, using the infamous song from 101 Dalmations and Jaws. Using fairy tales, we’ll examine the difference between right and wrong and write our own. We’ll also research historical heroes using a variety of source materials and put song lyrics about our favourite heroes to familiar tunes.We’ll write comics about our everyday heroes, using onomatopoeia's and key language to hook the readers in.

So stay tuned for more information on our project and our awesome exit point.

I... Am... WARRIOR!!

Welcome to our first learning journey of the year! We have got an awesome adventure ahead of us where we will be:

Dividing into two warring groups: the Celts and the Romans. In our battle games, who will be victorious? We’ll research Celtic and Roman warriors and write soliloquies as soldiers. We will use different source materials we’ll investigate the Roman Empire and read Roman numerals. After reading our key text of 'Romans on the Rampage' we will be designing and making our own Roman chariots, having our chariot race. The Celtic warrior queen, Boudicca, will inspire us to create stories and artwork. We’ll write plays about gladiators and look into the different lives poeple had in Anceint Rome, comparing slaves and emporers. Using maps, globes and information books, we’ll compare Britain (the home of the Celts) and Rome (the home of the Romans).

At the end of the ILP, we’ll reflect on what the Romans did for us. We’ll become archaeologists, examining and sorting artefacts. You’ll receive an invitation to our art gallery where we’ll give guided tours to explain what we have learnt. So please do watch this space for more information about this.

Super 6 spellings 

Each week we will have a set of 6 super spellings to remind and rejog our memories of the year 3/4 spelling words we have already learnt. This WILL NOT be tested or assessed at the end of the week in anyway, but just used as a way to remind and give the children an extra chance to recap the year 3/4 spelling words we have worked through.


This year to devlop childrens love and want to read, we will be having a reading Kahuna in the Squirrel's classroom, what's a reading Kahuna I hear you ask. Well the reading Kahuna will encourage children to share the different books, magazines and any other text types they have read with their friends, review the different text they have read and give children the opportunity to access a variety of different authors to broaden their reading horizons. 

I would also like to take this oppourtunity to remind everyone of the importance of reading at home. whether this be your child reading to you or indeed you reading to your child. Please do jot down the times you have read with your child in their reading record, when you are reading with you child please do take a look at their book and see what reading target they are currently working on.

Please find attached the different aspects of reading we focus on at school and the characters we have assigned to them.

As always if you have any question please do pop in to see me or shoot me an email. 

Curriculum evening 

Thank you so much to all the grown ups who came to our curriculum evening in July. Please have a look at our curriculum evening slides for any information about the coming school year and life in the Squirrel's classroom.

Key Dates

P.E. - Our P.E. Slot is on a Thursday and Friday afternoon so please make sure that you have your kit ready for action (I suggest keeping it in school all week just in case).

Swimming - Swimming will be on a Thursday afternoon, you will have plenty of details about this after the Christmas holidays.

Forest School  - Forest School starts on 25th September and happens every other week

Key Websites and Apps

Maths Rox

this is a great app to use while completing your multiplication and division facts 

Maths Websites

Spelling apps 

Phonics genius is a great app to use at home to help embed children's understanding of spelling rules and common word spellings. Alongside this please have a look at the websites below:

SPaG websites 

Here are some great Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) websites:



Here are some handy little web links to continue your learning around investigating and sceince: 

Learning Journey

Please use the websites below to help in your understanding within Geography and History:


Have a look at some of these websites below to develop your knowledge and uunderstanding of R.E. Short videos which focus on Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism Key information about Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism Key information about Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism Mainly Christian based videos and information. Please select the  K S 2 option. Mainly Christian, Buddhist and Hindu games and videos.