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Welcome to the Owls!

Welcome to the class page for the Owls class.  Our Year 5 and 6 children have a busy year ahead with many exciting learning journeys.

I am looking forward to learning alongside such a fabulous bunch of children. I have attached the notes shared at our Curriculum evening last week. 

Key Dates

PE takes place on a Monday and Thursday, make sure you have kit for both inside and outside! 

Forest School starts 18th September, every other week.

Maths games

Hola Mexico!

We have so much to explore and learn about next half term!

We’ll watch a traditional Mexican performance and join in with percussion instruments. To cool down afterwards, we’ll have a refreshing drink of sangrita or limeade. We’ll use non-fiction books to find out about the importance of music in Mexican culture and have a go at folk dancing. Using our literacy skills, we’ll write about festivals and create an invitation to a Mexican food tasting session. We’ll learn about the ‘Day of the Dead’ and create 3-D skulls. We’ll read Maya myths and legends, and write our own. Using maps, we’ll locate Mexico and explore its natural features. We’ll discover what daily life is like and how it has changed over time. Then we’ll craft Maya chocolate and simple woodwind instruments from recycled materials.

Blood Heart

Let’s explore our circulatory system!

At the start of our project, we’ll dissect an animal heart, finding out about the different parts and how the blood flows. Afterwards, we’ll write a report of the experience and use software and models to learn more about how the circulatory system works.

We’ll use technology to measure our heart rates and test how it is affected by exercise. In D&T, we’ll make model hearts, and test materials before making a stethoscope. As part of our music work, we’ll use our bodies as percussion instruments and feel our pulse. We’ll read shape poetry, and write poems inspired by the heart. We’ll learn about how smoking affects the heart and write adverts to persuade people to stop smoking. We’ll visit the ‘Give blood’ website, and make a flow diagram to illustrate the circulation process.