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Our school endeavours to help each child establish a solid foundation of Christian values, knowledge and understanding upon which all future learning can be built.  Children learn best by being actively involved in a happy school community, and we strive to achieve this.  To this end our vision is:

Inspiring our children to learn in a happy, safe and creative environment based on Christian Values, enabling them to fulfil their unique potention; to be the Best Me They Can Be.

As we achieve this aim, our young people will:

  • Be successful independent learners
  • Have the skills and understanding to develop nurturing relationships
  • Achieve highly and make good progress

Partnership and Connections

We place great value on the happy and successful partnership between home and school.  Educating your child is a shared responsibility and we hope that the whole family will become involved with our school community.

The School's responsibilities

We will endeavour to:

  • Provide a caring atmosphere where children can learn while feeling confident and secure.
  • Teach effectively, providing a broad and balanced curriculum where children are encouraged to do their best and chieve high standards of work and responsibility.
  • Value the talents of each child, treating everyone fairly and consistently.
  • Facilitate smooth transitions through the school and on to Secondary School.
  • Be open and welcoming to parents
  • Keep parents well informed through regular newsletters, meetings with individual teachers and the school website.
  • Share with parents appropriate learning stepping stones for each child, and talk through any problems or concerns about his or her progress.

Parent's responsibilities:

I/we will endeavour to:

  • Take an active interest in my child's learning and progress at school.
  • Encourage learning at home which supports that in school.
  • Support the aims and values of the school through helpng my child to develop self discipline and take responsibility for their actions.
  • Ensure that my child come to school throughout the term and on time, ready for learning.
  • Share with the school any problems or concerns about my child.
  • Attend meetings to discuss any child's progress.

Pupil's responsibillities:

I will endeavour to:

  • Do my best in learning, play and behaviour
  • Listen to what others say and try to make the best learning and behaviour choices
  • Take responsibility for my own actions
  • Be polite and considerate to others
  • Care for the school environment and resources given to support my learning
  • Be a good ambassador for the school
  • Share my worries with someone at school who can help.