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Who's Who

Mrs Lisa Richmond: Head Teacher

Mrs Richmond is responsible for ensuring our school is the best it can be by supporting, challenging and encouraging everyone within our school family. She enjoys leading Collective Worship, being in the classroom with the children and chatting to parents each morning.

Mrs Julie Russell: Office Manager

Mrs Russell is the friendly face that greets you at reception and answers the phone. She essentially looks after the day to day running of the school, from greeting visitors to organising dinner times to updating this website. She is a marvel and is the font of all knowledge.

Mrs Georgina Gane: Foundation Stage Teacher

Mrs Gane teaches the youngest children in our school family; teaching children from early years, aged 4 to reception, aged 5. With her the children quickly learn to further develop their social skills such as sharing, taking turns, holding doors for each other and being a good friend. Play based learning is very much the order of the day.

Miss Rachel Smith-Adams: Year 1 / 2 Teacher

Miss Smith-Adams is our KS1 teacher. Whilst with her the children begin to develop their independent learning skills even further. She is also our Special Educational Needs co-ordinator (SENCO). She is very sporty and in fact she used to play basketball at a national level.

Mr Matthew Tomlinson: Year 3 / 4 Teacher

Mr Tomlinson is the newest teacher in our school. He is also our curriculum leader for Science and Music,and is very excited about our new school choir. He introduces our children into Key Stage 2 equipping them with skills to succeed everyday. He loves to go travelling and visit lots of different places and would eat trifle everyday if he could.

Mr Joe Wilson: Year 5 / 6 Teacher

Mr Wilson is the Assistant Head Teacher and curriculum leader for Maths and Computing. He encourages his class to become more independent and organised throughout the year and has a bizarre interest in both giraffes and Lego which often sneak into the classroom!

Mrs Rachel Kirkby: PPA Cover Teacher

Mrs Kirkby is our PPA Cover teacher, known well by all of the children and their parents. She covers for lots of the PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) within our school and is our Religious Education Curriculum Leader.

Mrs Sandy Wright: Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wright works across the school leading group work to further enhance the learning of all children. She has run various after school clubs ranging from sport to cookery.

Mrs Victoria Lee: Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Lee works with lots of children in our school but spends most of her time in the squirrels classroom. She is a master baker and loves to make lots of delicous treats for everyone to enjoy.

Miss Kelly Savage: Cleaner in Charge (currently on maternity leave)

Miss Savage ensures that our school sparkles like a new pin! She opens the school in the morning in preparation for the day and makes sure that it’s closed up nice and tight at night.