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At All Saints Anglican/Methodist Primary School we are passionate about promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for all of our children.  We know that being well informed about healthy life style choices really enables all children to appreciate the importance of healthy exercise and diet from an early age.

To maintain an active and healthy school, the children have the opportunity to take part in several activities throughout the school year such as:

  • Daily Wake and Shakes each morning to stimulate the brain, body, heart and muscles.
  • Only having healthy snacks during the day
  • A whole school 'Active and Healthy Schools' week that introduces new sporting opportunities and activities to the children such as archery and trampolining.
  • A sponsor day with an active and healthy focus.
  • Whole school sports day
  • Opportunities to take part in active after-school clubs

Our PE sessions follow the Real PE philosophy - this is a philosophy and approach which helps ALL children develop the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, sport and life.  It places the learner at the heart of practice with the ultimate goal of children feeling valued, included, challenged and supported in their learning.

Real PE Values

Real PE three central philosophies are:

  • Create clear, shared learning journeys
  • Providing quality personalised opportunities
  • Shifting the responsibility towards the learner