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Welcome to Squirrels!

Our Learning Journey this term focusses on rivers and mountains. In class we will be doing both
practical and classroom activities to help understand the water cycle and the characteristics of rivers
as well as investigating the River Trent and rivers further afield. Our writing, PE and art will also have
a river theme. Home learning is due on Friday 17 th March and provides opportunities for
independent learning about mountains with the usual options to do this through a range of
In art we will be looking at creating river scenes through collage so if you have any unwanted
brochures/ magazines I would be very grateful to take them off your hands!

Home Learning Rivers and Mountains

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Spring 1

It's 2017! A happy new year to you all :) 

Our Learning Journey to begin this year will have a historical focus, concentrating on what life was like from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We will be investigating Skara Brae and Stonehenge whilst also looking at artefacts in the classroom. I am looking forward to our exciting learning opportunities this half term, with plenty of artistic and creative activities. 

Autumn 2

As we approach the end of the year, we have a busy half term full of exciting events and learning opportunities. 

Our Learning Journey focus will centre around robots! We will be investigating forces and magnets as well as using our design and technology skills to create a robot themed toy. Within our writing we will be working closely with 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. 

Keep an eye on the calendar as we have lots of things happening within school this half term. 

Mr Wilson 

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Welcome Back

I am so excited for this new school year! We have a new playground full of exciting markings as well as a refreshed classroom ready for the Squirrels to learn and enjoy in. 


I'm looking forward to hearing about what the children have been up to over the summer break.

Our first learning journey of the new school year is titled 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile!', focusing on the human body and its digestive system. There will be plenty of hands on opportunities and scientific investigations to explore. 


Information regarding PE days, Swimming and forest school will be available to all parents in the first few days. 


Mr Wilson 

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As we enter the final half-term of the year, The Squirrels will be exploring life cycles in our Learning Journey, Petal Power! 

This half-term is jam packed with events, including Sports Day and the Year 4 trip to the Space Centre. Please make sure you keep a close eye on the school calendar! 

Mr Wilson

It's the Summer term! Welcome back, we have some exciting learning opportunities this half term. 

Our Learning Journey is titled 'Monsters Inc' with a strong science focus. 

The children will learn about light, sound and electricity over the next few weeks. We will also start a DT project creating a bedroom alarm to deter monsters, as well as creating our own films using LEGO Movie maker. 

Our writing will focus on creating our own non-chronological reports about mysterious monsters, as well as writing spin off stories based on the adventures of Mike and Sully. 

A more detailed overview of our learning and the Home Learning challenge for this half term will be posted next week. 

Mr Wilson 

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